What is mentoring?


Navigating the teenage and young adult years is often very challenging for both parents as well as the youth who are going through these transitions. Not only is emerging adult identity and the accompanying desire for independence often unnerving and a source of great tension (not only internally for teenagers) but also for families whose underlying relational tendencies can feel complex and beneath the surface as far as identifying both repetitive and changing patterns. Adolescents must negotiate complex interpersonal dynamics both in and out of school, and in and away from home. The upcoming 'launch' into college and adult life is usually a source of simultaneous deep excitement and anxiety (and often many other complex feelings) for both the teenagers going through the rite of passage, as well as the parents who are preparing to 'let go' of their child (also a rite of passage in and of itself).

There can be many reasons to seek support during this time. I strive to accommodate a variety of needs and preferences by focusing more on the development of an authentic, trusting relationship, rather than 'fixing' particular diagnoses.  While I do employ cognitive behavioral techniques to help serve the needs of my clients, my work tends to be more long-term focused depth-oriented therapy.  Ultimately, my goal as a therapeutic mentor is for my clients to learn to believe in themselves as individuals whole-heartedly.